To the Woman Who Can’t Let Go

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

woman cant let go

My Dear,

There’s a vulnerable soul within you that’s gasping for air. You considered two options: move on or salvage a bond that’s been torn to pieces. It’s a reality to which you refuse to discern. For months, maybe even years, you stayed. You fill your days with excuses for his absence and fantasize the future. Perhaps, one day, he’ll change. Perhaps, one day, you’ll be his priority again.

Some days, you find yourself packing, but fear engulfs your core. It’s the same fear that forces to retreat and prances at your predicament. As you unpack, you kick yourself for letting cowardice cloud your judgment. But my dear, you’re far from being a coward.

Other days, you lead yourself to believe that maybe it’s not so bad. Perhaps, your heart is overreacting. Despite the adversaries, you choose him, and he’s chosen you. Still, there’s always that ounce of dismay that lingers within. Every day, you’ll find excuses to stay.

My dear, I’ve seen your joy dwindle to nothing but apathy. You walk in the past of his touch, his sweet nothings, and his tender kisses. You heart housed a flame blazing with ecstasy, but now, it’s faint.

What is love? Is it indifference? Is it foolish? Is it blinding?

You’ve wondered if this was all a game; a sheer trickery or deceit. To no avail, you continue longing for the man who once promised you the world.

My dear, I’ve seen you persevere. You toiled with all your might. You loved and hoped it’s reciprocated. With all that effort, you’ve found yourself numb from canceled plans and empty promises. Still, you’re entranced by the phantasm of change.

My girl, I hear your cry for help. It’s loud, and it’s clear. He looks at you and doesn’t see past your vulnerability. Your beauty he once saw is overlooked with other stimulants deemed more valuable than yourself.

Still, my sweet, sweet dear, love is pure. When you find it again, you’ll never question it. Love is feeling safe in his warm embrace. Love is a man’s tender touch in the morning before starting the day. Love encourages communication and yields when necessary.

Love will never reduce your value, and it will never pin you down.

My dear, love rocks you to the core where you feel the best version of yourself, and it transforms your individuality. Love cheers for your happiness and holds you when you feel defeated. Love will never intentionally hurt you, but it will tear your walls apart until you’re capable of being vulnerable.

My dear, you might feel like you’re stuck. As though no one hears your cry for help. Your silence is loud, and your tears are a clear reflection of your heartache.

But I want you to know that you’re deserving of love.

One day, you’ll realize you’re beautiful. One day, you’ll know that you’re worthy of love. And when you find that love, love as though you’ve never been hurt before.

Because when you find that love, he’ll understand your silence and swiftly weather your storms. He’ll embrace your imperfections and see passed your flaws. Love will celebrate your individuality, and push you to pursue your passion. Someday, love will remind you of your beauty even when you feel the contrary. Love will not be perfect, but you’ll never have to question it.

One day, you’ll break free and know your worth. One day, you’ll say, ‘enough is enough,’ and you’ll walk away from the disillusions. When that happens, you’ll find clarity intertwining with bliss. Such bliss will lead you to independence that you’ll never look back. You’ll run through the plains knowing you’re capable of enduring pain, but you’ll learn to persevere to spare yourself.

This, I tell you now. You’re beautiful. You’re strong, and you’re worthy.

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