A Weekend of Contradictions

weekend contradictions
I have a love/hate relationship with the weekend. Lately, it’s been going so fast that Sunday nights feel a lot like a somber goodbye. I blame my sleep schedule because I’ve been sleeping early on Friday nights which makes it so hard for me to capitalize on the first night of freedom! Perhaps, I’ll consider staying a bit later.

Lately, I’ve wished that I was in Califonia for the weekend. Or maybe be even Portland, Oregon to see the Japanese Garden again. Seriously, I’ve been feeling just a tad bit adventurous since Las Vegas has been draining most of me.

Speaking of the weekend, I did plenty of things last week that made it feel as though someone tapped the ‘fast forward’ button. 

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Las Vegas isn’t just about gambling. In fact, there’s plenty remote areas where you can hike to. With the rocky terrain and beautiful desert sceneries, I’ve really learned to embrace this city. So, I didn’t actually know about Spring Mountain Ranch State Park until my boyfriend mentioned it. I thought it was sweet of him because he was aware that I wanted to get out of the house for a little while.  

The funny part was that I wanted to go hiking until we actually did a trail. My boyfriend pointed out that the idea of hiking sounded ideal until we realized that it was hot and all we wanted to do was sit underneath the shade. Still, we got to see some beautiful landscapes which are always a treat especially when it gives great opportunities for photos.

weekend contradictions
weekend contradictions
weekend contradictions
weekend contradictions

Talk About a Fat Butt: Donuts and Hot Dogs

To my defense, I had my heart set on donuts way before he suggested to go on a hike. There, I said it. After the park, we went to Glaze Doughnut which is a mom and pop shop with highlighting flavors like the Green Tea Pistachio. It wasn’t a bad combination actually. I love inventive flavors like that as it shows that the shop is passionate about variety. 
weekend contradictions
weekend contradictions
By dinner time, we decided to try an LA-derived restaurant called Dirt Dog. I have to say; I’m in love. If it were up to me, I’d go back again and again until I’m tired of the flavors. That’s probably impossible, though. The only downside about this experience was the wait. I mean, how can you possibly take a long time making hot dogs? I’m not sure. Maybe, they’re understaffed or hiring inexperienced cooks. Nonetheless, those hot dogs were bomb diggity

I hope you all have a wonderful week! It’s funny how I’m talking about last weekend as I start a new one now. I’m a strange one. 


  1. weekend contradictions

    Splendid photos! Love it!!!
    xoxo, Hadasah


  2. weekend contradictions

    The pictures are amazing! And I also wish I could go to California… I really have that on my bucket list 😉




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