Scream for Ice Cream

scream for ice cream
Okay, I hear all your cries about the weather, but once your city exceeds 115 degrees Fahrenheit, you can start complaining. For my international readers, that would be 46 degrees Celsius. Now that I have the right to complain, I will get started on this post. 

I made these bad boys today because it was super hot! Just imagine yourself opening an over after baking, and that’s exactly what Las Vegas weather is like. Would I trade this weather for any others? Probably not. ‘Wait, WAHHHH?!’ you might ask. Let me explain. 

Last week, I was in Los Angeles, and I’ve forgotten how disgustingly hot it was there. It’s not scorching hot, but because of the humidity, you’d want to jump in the shower every two seconds. When I got home in Las Vegas, I truly appreciated the weather because it’s dry. It’s so hot here that Las Vegans don’t have time to sweat. Do I like the heat? Hell to the no, but it gives me the reason to make these bad boys! 

What you’ll need: 
Coconut thin cookies (found at Trader Joe’s)
Your favorite ice cream (used for this blog: rocky road)

Directions: Place three tablespoons of ice cream in between the cookies. Gently press them together, and roll the ice cream edges! Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?! 

What’s your summertime treat?

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