Paris Las Vegas Hotel

paris las vegas hotel
paris las vegas hotel
paris las vegas hotel
I was a firm believer that the best place to see Las Vegas was at the Stratosphere. I mean, it was the tallest building in the Strip so I didn’t really understand how any other place could possibly beat it. I was wrong. I was dead wrong. The Paris Las Vegas Hotel has the best view of Las Vegas by far. It’s a 360 view and from down below is the beautiful Bellagio Hotel that plays it’s wonderful water fountain show every 15 minutes. The vantage point was located right at the heart of Las Vegas which is one of the best places to visit when you’re in town. 

Honestly, it took me about five years to finally decide to visit it. Why I waited so long was beyond me. But when I saw the deal on Groupon, I jumped at the opportunity! Has anyone been there before? 

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  1. paris las vegas hotel

    Wow that place is fantastic! I want to visit it some day! Thanks for sharing!


  2. paris las vegas hotel

    Las Vegas is another state that I really want to visit! When I have the time to take leave from work for a longer period of time I will definitely visit all the states in the US that I've been wanting to visit (New York, DC, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, California, Boston, South Carolina, Pennsylvania). 🙂

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  3. paris las vegas hotel
  4. paris las vegas hotel
  5. paris las vegas hotel

    I couldn't agree more! What a view! Having the Bellagio directly opposite does make it ideal. Our little lunch soiree was amazing with that water showing playing. Don't think I'll ever forget it!



  6. paris las vegas hotel

    Such a stunning place! Thanks for sharing.

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  7. paris las vegas hotel

    So awesome to avail of a groupon for here! I've been to Las Vegas but haven't been up there.
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  8. paris las vegas hotel

    the view looks amazing! so gorgeous<3


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