LGBT lessons: police chief calls for end to Birmingham protests | Education

A police chief has said lawful or unlawful protests have no place outside primary schools after recent clashes over the teaching of LGBT lessons. The chief constable of West Midlands police, Dave Thompson, said a number of criminal offences had occurred outside Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham since Sunday evening. The force received reports …

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What is an Aeration System? Will it Work for Me?

What is an Aeration System? Will it Work for Me? So you have septic system problems. Perhaps a clogged drain field, maybe you are facing some terrible septic smell.  You are reviewing your options and you come across septic aeration systems. Not knowing much about septic systems, you don’t know whether or not it is …

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Google’s Next Mobile OS is called KitKat

KitKat is the codename for Android 4.4, continuing Google’s tradition of naming each version of their mobile operating system after sweets and desserts. The announcement came earlier this week from Google’s Head of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai. Previously, Google had referred to this release as “Key Lime Pie” but later decided to go for …