Mini Greenhouse Cactus

mini greenhouse cactus
mini greenhouse cactus
mini greenhouse cactus
To be honest, I’m surprised that my dogs are still alive to this day. Since I was in high school, no matter how hard I tried, my pet hamsters have never survived to old age. Alongside that, I’ve had my share of plants that didn’t last long either. But these are cacti; they can’t be that bad right? I’m not going to lie; I really feel the pressure now! 

I’ve wanted these for a while, and I thought that I could find them at Ikea. I made a trip there with a really good friend of mine the other day, but they were nowhere to be found. I think we just missed it. I know they’re there– SOMEWHERE! 

Nonetheless, I got something similar to them, and I’m in a panic! If these cacti die under my wing, I will NEVER buy plants or succulents ever again. Promise. 

Any of you have a green thumb? If so, shoot some tips and advice here for me! #keepthesucculentsalive

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  1. mini greenhouse cactus

    Cactus's are a big thing all of a sudden, my sister insists on buying more every time we go to the garden center! 🙂



  2. mini greenhouse cactus

    These are so cute! I love succulents so much ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


  3. mini greenhouse cactus

Thank you for your comment!