First Thing’s First

I won’t begin this journey without paying tribute to my best friend who even until now, never cease to inspire me. Julien is the most frugal person I know, and that is not an understatement. Her interests in finances helped her set a gritting goal to success. Somehow, she was able to accomplish this by channeling her interests towards that one important goal. When she graduated, she was already hired to a position that she studied for. Within a year, she was able to pay her students loans and managed to purchase a house. Her goal didn’t just stop there. She aimed higher– she was going to retire at 30.

On the subject of retirement, I asked her how she was going to accomplish such a thing. She replied “I don’t want to wait to withdraw retirement funds till I’m 65, I want to retire when in my 30’s. and I’m pretty good at living well below my means so i think I don’t really need a retirement account to fund my lifestyle.” I never doubted her. I knew she was going to retire in her 30’s

While, my lifestyle is no where near hers, I know a thing or two about being frugal. I can’t tell you how to buy a house or pay your student loans in an instant like her, but I can tell you how I live my life in my own little way. I’m frugal because well… Why not?

Now, let’s have fun!

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