have a good weekend

Have a Good Weekend!

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House of Akih Haru

I happen to work for a Jewish-owned business meaning I have the pleasure of taking days off of many of their holidays. This weekend is no exception as Passover is observed on Monday and Tuesday. So for the weekend, I’ll be here. Mr. Incredible liked the idea of taking the train to explore Los Angeles, and I don’t think it’s a bad plan since our hotel will be nearby the station. I’m itching to go to the pier and maybe ride the Ferris wheel!

In the meantime, here are some cool reads:

Find out your zodiac stereotype.

Go to Paris with this 360 panoramic view. 

30-days of food art with Artist, Hong Yi.

62 Questions to ask on your date.

Books to read before you hit the big three-oh.

What color are you?

What introverts know too well.

This adorable ninja house for hamsters.

A Goldendoodle that stole my heart.

Rainbow grilled cheese recipe that has me drooling for days.

The excitement of Victoria Beckham collaborating with Target.



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