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doing vegas right local way

If there’s a city deserving of both love and hate, it is Las Vegas. Look past the glittering lights, and you’ll see a riveting reality of its flamboyance. Gambling, gluttony, sex, and alcohol are not the only subjects that highlight this city. In a local’s perspective– it is home. Tourism heavily affects our economy as we rely on visitors to make an honest living. Hah! Honesty, now that’s an irony welcomed in an adult’s playground.

Still, my love for this city extends great heights as it caters to its locals. Talk about, $1 margarita, $6.99 steak and eggs, affordable buffets, super cheap entertainment, FREE entertainment, and gambling– if you say you have nothing to do in Vegas, you’re doing it wrong! The following is how I would do Vegas (in Downtown Las Vegas):

We Know Alcohol

I’ve paid for $20 cups of watered down alcohol at the Las Vegas Strip with regret. How businesses are able to get away with such a ripoff, is beyond me. Still, if you want a good buzz without the breaking your bank, hit up Triple 7 Restaurant and Brewery at Main Street Station. For about $4 you’re enjoying a 16oz drink similar to that of at the Strip! While that is my personal favorite, you can expect specials around at Fremont Hotel that include $2 Jager shots, $2 Corona and Heineken, 99 cent margaritas, $3 Red Bull Vodka, and more! 

Gravity Defying Zipline 

When you’re in Downtown Las Vegas, trying Slotzilla is a MUST! There’s nothing like zip lining at the Fremont Street that satisfies both locals and tourists! Being afraid of heights myself, I would try this over and over again! There are two options in riding: a lower and an upper line. The lower line is in a sitting position, and it takes you to half of Fremont Street. The upper line is a “Superman” position, and the line will take you to the end of Fremont. It costs $25 and $45 respectively. Try it at least once!

Food For Days

We’re popular for buffets. I assume that in other cities, eating at buffets is not as typical as it is here in Las Vegas. When hosting guests from out of state, I typically like to take them to buffets at least once because it saves people from being indecisive. The buffets in Fremont Street at cheap, but to really get them at a bargain price, sign up for a players card. Membership is  free, and it provide benefits. The following are just some examples of how much the pricing is for the buffets there:

Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station

Garden Court Buffet (Monday-Friday)

Breakfast- $7.99

Lunch – $8.99

Garden Court Buffet (Saturday & Sunday)

Brunch- $11.99

Paradise Buffet & Cafe in Fremont

Paradise Buffet Breakfast – $8.49

Paradise Buffet Lunch – $9.49

Prime Rib Night Dinner (Sunday, Monday & Thursday) $15.49

Seafood Fantasy Tuesday’s – $21.99

Steak Night Wednesdays’s – $15.49

Enjoy Free Stuff

Light Show – Experience a jaw-dropping  light show on the world’s largest video screen! People watching is free, and so are good vibes!

Free Photo Op With A Million Dollars – Ever seen million dollars right before your eyes? At Binion’s, take a glimpse of it! Photos are taken in between 10AM-11PM everyday. And guess what? The photos are free of charge!

Free Brewery Tour – Sign up for a free guided tour at Banger Brewing! It’s near the SlotZilla zip line tower! This is a must-try for beer lovers! Sign up for your tour here.

Free Slots – Enjoy free slot machine pulls at the Fremont Street! You’ll find one at Binion’s and Four Queens. You could win up to $2,500 in cash and free coupons all around the casino are available too. The odds of winning may be slim, but did I mention that it’s free?

Sharks! – The Golden Nugget’s pool is an incredible stunner with a marvelous feat of engineering. This is a 200,000 gallon tank full of sharks. Viewing is free, and the pool is open to the hotel’s guests.

doing vegas right local way

Downtown Las Vegas takes you back to an old Vegas where sinning began as a new norm.

doing vegas right local way
doing vegas right local way
doing vegas right local way
doing vegas right local way
doing vegas right local way

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