Completely Checked Out

completely checked out
completely checked out
completely checked out
completely checked out
I had a slow morning last Sunday, and it was full of doggy cuddles. I tried to be productive, but I couldn’t find the motivation to do anything! I think everyone can relate to me when I say start describing what a lazy Sunday consist of, right? Bundled up in a blanket and watching tv with hair in a messy bun anyone? Subscribe me to that, please!

I’ve also been taking my dogs to the dog park lately which is so therapeutic for me. I love seeing them play with other dogs while I watch them run around and mingle! It’s honestly an overload of cuteness at its best. 

Besides that, I’ve been consistently preoccupied with my upcoming online store. The only thing that’s a bit frustrating about the whole thing is the waiting game. Sure, I do everything on my own, but they’re some materials that I’m waiting for in the mail for a smooth operation; I’m talking about shipping materials, products, logo production, and other branding necessities. It’s a lot of stuff!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week lovely ladies & gentlemen!

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  1. completely checked out
  2. completely checked out

    Love this! Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

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  3. completely checked out

    Lovely photos 🙂 Can't wait for your online store 🙂


  4. completely checked out

    Your photos are always beautiful, they inspire me! Dog parks really are a cuteness overload. So fun to see all the dogs!

    Kathryn • The Fashionography


  5. completely checked out

    Pretty awesome!

    Jule Avenue


  6. completely checked out

    Gotta love lazy Sundays! And I'm pretty guilty of lazy Saturdays and other days of the week too…oops!

    Breakfast at Gracey's


  7. completely checked out

    That sounds like the plans for this coming weekend. I can not wait to park my ass into the couch with my fur baby next to me and the TV going strong all day. Blisssss! And ahhhh so much excitement for this new venture of yours.



  8. completely checked out

    Such a beautiful post, thanks for sharing it! Great pictures! Have a nice week too!


  9. completely checked out

    oh what I wouldn't do to be able to spend a day under the covers binge watching something.. anything really..


  10. completely checked out

    haha i love to cuddle and could stay all day in bed


  11. completely checked out

    Great post as always!! It's been awhile… Hope you had a wonderful week!!
    Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!!


  12. completely checked out

    Oh thank you for share so cute pics the food looks super yummy!


  13. completely checked out
  14. completely checked out

    Wonderful blog! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too


  15. completely checked out

    Everything looks so tasty!!



  16. completely checked out

    thank you for all the comments!


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