Morning Routines

childhood practices
childhood practices

A lot of my friends don’t believe me when I say that I always make my bed every morning. Granted there’s no flowers on the bed to greet me everyday when I come home after a long day, but my bed is always done. There are a few instances when I rush to go to work leaving my bed unkempt, but the thought of it irks me! There’s just something about coming home to a messy bed that irritates the living crap out of me. Call me OCD, but that’s just how I was raised. Growing up, my grandpa often got mad at me when I didn’t make the bed. Now, it’s just a habit.

Do you have any habits from childhood that you continue to practice now? 

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  1. childhood practices

    I have to make my bed in the morning, though I did grow up with my mum constantly on my ass about making it, I actually HAVE to make it (these days) because of silly sonia-superstition. If I don't properly make my bed (pillows don't have to be included in this) I find I don't sleep well later that night. Weird I know, but it's in my head and the mind is a powerful mother effing tool. LOL.



  2. childhood practices

    Love the flowers and the photos.Such a great habit 🙂

    – Lily Widjaja


  3. childhood practices

    These photos are gorgeous! I'm going to have to pick up that habit, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


  4. childhood practices

    I've never changed the way of folding since 10? That's something huh. Hahaha! x

    Real Life Nerd


  5. childhood practices

    Your bed is so inviting! I especially love the pillows!



  6. childhood practices

    I'm so with you on making the bed! I don't know what it is, but having it made just makes my life feel a bit more put together, haha. I'm loving your new blog look, too! When did you change it up? Looks great!


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