Blog Birthday + Giveaway!

This blog was actually made in memory of my best friend Julien who passed away last year. Unable to cope with my stress and depression, I created this platform to release some creativity. She’s always pushed me to “foster my interests”, and I felt that keeping up with this blog is a way for me to connect with her. Truly, she’s my guardian angel as she continues to push me to learn, explore, and break boundaries.

blog birthday giveaway
In celebration, I will be giving away prizes from Jule Avenue!

+5 winners will have a choice of one item of their choosing and other goodies!
+5 winners will have a choice of one item $10 or below and other goodies!

-Simply comment below and you’re automatically entered! 
-For extra entries, share this post on Facebook and/or Instagram! (1 point per post).
-Giveaway ends Sunday, September 31, 2016.

Note: Anyone can join! If you don’t have a Google account, you can leave your name, and a URL (can be FB or IG)! 

blog birthday giveaway
blog birthday giveaway
blog birthday giveaway

In the meantime, I’ll be eating some honey toast, and pistachio latte to celebrate this baby! 

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  1. blog birthday giveaway

    It's a sad history, but it's good that you was able to change all the "bad" feelings in something great. I'm 100% sure that she always supports you even if she's not here 🙂


  2. blog birthday giveaway

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BLOG! The story behind is sad ut at the same time is so beautiful what you've done 🙂
    I would love to participate. Just in case I give you my email address so you can contact me in case I'm one of the winners:




  3. blog birthday giveaway

    Ohhhhhh pickme!! happy blogiversary <3


  4. blog birthday giveaway

    Oh man, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend!


  5. blog birthday giveaway

    that is such a sweet way to honor a friend.


  6. blog birthday giveaway
  7. blog birthday giveaway

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Hadasah Love |


  8. blog birthday giveaway

    Me too my dear 😀 ahahaha

    Amazing giveaways 😀 Can I participate too? 😀

    NEW WISH POST | Beauty: Indispensable After Summer.
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me 😀


  9. blog birthday giveaway
  10. blog birthday giveaway

    I'm not necessarily commenting to enter the giveaway, but thats cool I am automatically entering! I didn't know this blog was made for that reason..your friend Julien must be so proud of you!! beautiful.


  11. blog birthday giveaway

    Happy, Happy Blogiversary babe! I love the cactus cases!



  12. blog birthday giveaway

    How sweet it is that yoy created this blog to honor the memory of your friend! Since you're still here after a year, I guess you really liked this. And I'm glad. Happy birthday to your blog!


  13. blog birthday giveaway

    Oh wow I love all these little goodies from Jule Avenue! Congrats on your blogiversary! Sorry for your loss as well. I've always loved the name Julien. Hope you're doing better now! 🙂