Belated Father’s Day

belated fathers day
belated fathers day
My grandpa (my dad’s side) and I have a special bond with one another. Since I was a child, he’s always looked after me. As far as I could remember, I used to visit my grandparents (from my mom’s side) for the summer. I was only used to visiting them for the weekend and anything longer than that brought me anxiety. After about a week, I started crying and throwing fits because I wanted to be with my grandpa. Oddly enough, my mom told me that I got so frustrated that every time that I saw an old man resembling my grandpa I cried to them. Yeah, that’s a little troubling now that I think about it. 

You know what else is funny? When I moved to Las Vegas, I cried on my first month here because I wasn’t used to being apart from him. I told you we have a special bond! Cheers to the man who taught me love, stubbornness (yes, stubbornness), and respect. 

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  1. belated fathers day

    aw that's so sweet. i miss my grandpa suddenly. he looks adorable!

    xo, Carla


  2. belated fathers day

    Lol! loved the part about you crying to other old men who resembled your grandpa. 😛 What a special bond you guys have! 🙂


  3. belated fathers day

    Awwww your grandpa is so cute and I love that you guys are so close!!! I bet he's your #1 supporter!



  4. belated fathers day

    Thanks a lot, sweetie 😀

    I really love this kind of personal posts. You look so cute as your grandpa <3

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  5. belated fathers day

    So sweet, and i want to spend a wonderful time with my family, friend



  6. belated fathers day
  7. belated fathers day

    Awww…this is the sweetest tribute post to your grandfather. I never had the chance to meet mine, but he's here in spirit!



  8. belated fathers day
  9. belated fathers day

    Congrats on making it to 1,000 followers on Insta! I just saw your cactus iphone cases and am dying! It would go so perfectly with one of my original tees that oh so eloquently says, "don't be a prick".

    Keep up the great work!



  10. belated fathers day
  11. belated fathers day

    I love me some ice cream!! My grandpa pretty much raised me, so I have a special bond with him too. Congrats on your Insta followers! 🙂



  12. belated fathers day

    Love your post!!
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent posts.
    Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!!


  13. belated fathers day

    So lovely and so cool
    Enjoy your dad!!


  14. belated fathers day
  15. belated fathers day

    Love it. Thanks for sharing!

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  16. belated fathers day

    Oh that is so sweet. I miss my Grandfather everyday, he was the only "father" I knew.


  17. belated fathers day

    So nice to hear you have a good relationship with your granddad!

    Have a nice day,


  18. belated fathers day
  19. belated fathers day

    Scuh a lovely post and that ice cream looks delicious!
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    Thanks! x


  20. belated fathers day

    aww that is such a cute story!


  21. belated fathers day

    aaww.. that's sweet!

    Have a great day!
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  22. belated fathers day

    Such a funny and sweet post! Great read! thanks for sharing this moment with us!


  23. belated fathers day

    awww this is adorable!! happy father's day to your dad!


  24. belated fathers day

    Lovely post 🙂 You've got an amazing bound with your grandpa. I've never know any of my grandfathers – neither from mother's side or father's side. But I still have a good relation with my grandmother 🙂


  25. belated fathers day

    Aw that's just the cutest.. your Polaroids are gorgeous i'm sure you will treasure them! Would love to follow each other and stay in contact, let me know! x


  26. belated fathers day

    That's so adorable that you have such a tight bond with your grandpa! 🙂



  27. belated fathers day

    awww this is so sweeet darling-…


  28. belated fathers day

    so sweet God bless him!


    Tamara –


  29. belated fathers day

    Hey Dear!
    Im Margarida from Portugal!
    I loved your blog, its such lovely!
    im starting a blog, can you give me some support?
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    just let me know!
    A big hug to you!!!
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  30. belated fathers day

    Aww you guys look so lovely together! 🙂


  31. belated fathers day

    I think it's sweet that you have such a special bond with your grandpa, and that you have polaroids taken with him! I wish him a long healthy life <3


  32. belated fathers day
  33. belated fathers day

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  34. belated fathers day

    That is such a special relationship <3
    The Fancy Cats


  35. belated fathers day

    Most amazing grandpa you have.


  36. belated fathers day

    Awww that is so sweet. I have a "thing" with old people myself, I find myself drawn to them and I always attach myself to them too. Mostly because I didn't/don't get close to them growing up. I only ever met my mother's mother when I was three before she passed away and my father's mother passed away either one month or one week before we arrived overseas. My mother's father moved over here when I was younger but I was too "young" to make the most of it. He passed away nearly ten years ago now and there isn't a day that goes by that I wish I had made the most of it. And as I've gotten "older" (groan) I've started noticing traits in myself that he exuded. Like he was known for storytelling and writing. He was highly creative too. He used to try to tell me stories but I would sit there and not really listen, mostly because he didn't speak English and I couldn't understand. It's one of my biggest regrets. Another massive regret is that I still have a living grandfather alive. On my dad's side and I haven't seen him in over six years now. I haven't been able to get over there sadly. I'd really like to go in following months though, I feel a valid pressure to do so, he's just turned 91 and I know that if I don't get to see him now and something happens, it will really destroy me :o(



  37. belated fathers day

    Awww! You are such a sweet granddaughter. I was close to my grandpa (mother's side) when I was young too so it was heartbreaking when he passed away 3 years ago. Until now we really miss him so much.

    The Pink Lemonade Girl


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