One Year Older

2016 11 01 archive
I’m not going to lie, I’m having quarter life crisis! Now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I’m starting to question everything! If I could, I would want to push time back and start some things over again. Though, life isn’t exactly in our favor. With skepticism aside, I would just like to list a few things that makes me happy. 

1. Love – I’m thankful to love and be loved. 
2. My Seastars – We’re a lot like sisters because even though we find ourselves bickering at each other, we still love one another. I’m thankful for having them in my life. 
3. Haru and Kobi – my cutest fluff balls in my life!
4. Yelp – When you’re an Elite, you’re like a foodie on steroids. Everything is to another level from check-in everywhere I go to taking photos of all food ordered. I mean, everyone I know are courteous enough to wait until I snap there food! 
5. Hanging out in a cozy bookshop like Barnes and Noble. 
6. Herbal tea with honey and lemon. 
7. The oh-so-talented Childish Gambino. 
8. Not being so afraid of flying anymore! 
9. Discovering new places. 
10. When a coworker becomes a friend. 
11. Picking flowers in the market. 
12. Flower decorations at home. 
13. A walk on the beach. 
14. Laughing about the silliest things. 
15. Having someone to admire. 
16. Giving candy to trick-o-treaters. 
17. Yelp Elite Events – all the samples at your disposal. 
18. Being together. 
19. Daydreaming
20. The sun on my face on a chilly day. 
21. Christmas shopping. 
22. Quality time with grandpa. 
23. Watching a good live show! 
24. A day at the beach. 
25. Getting featured for a creative work. 
26. Falling asleep at the sound of rain.
27. Waking up to my love. 
28. Imitating a French laugh.
29. Snickering about inside jokes. 
30. Rainbow lattes
2016 11 01 archive
2016 11 01 archive

In California With My Toes In the Sand

2016 11 01 archive
I’ve been to a handful of cities that has astounded me to the core, but there will never be a city like Los Angeles. When it’s summer all year round, who can complain about clear skies when it’s snowing like crazy in the east coast. The only thing we can really complain about is not having enough days off to spend under the sun. 

Last September, I had the pleasure to visit my best friend. When I’m in town, we make an effort to go to the beach just because I’m so far from it now. Funny enough, when I used to live in Los Angeles, we hardly went to the beach. “Winter” was a no-no because it was too chilly so we stayed home most of the time. 

So, when I was there, my best friend loves me enough to take me to the beach twice that weekend. Once on the day I landed, and second was a few hours before my flight. I love days at the beach with her because it gives us the space to talk about anything and everything. With the wind blowing and waves crashing, it’s total bliss. Thinking about it now makes me miss my best friend even more! Still, I’m kind of on this strike because I think it’s time for her to come over and visit me! I think she’s way overdue. 
2016 11 01 archive2016 11 01 archive
2016 11 01 archive
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AGORA Cosmetics

2016 11 01 archive
I was feeling creative the other day and decided to take these photos. Loving these luxurious skin care collection by AGORA Cosmetics. The packaging is one of the things that really drew me to them, and it delivers with optimal results. I’m lucky enough to be close to a store nearby when I need them. 

Speaking of aging, I’m turning a year older next week! It’s thrilling and a bit nerve-wracking. Why? Well, I’m not too sure how I feel about everything right now. I’m going through so many things at the same time that I don’t know where to set my priorities. I’m talking about work and home, but it’s mostly home! 

I’m at this age when I begin to question everything. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! As in, am I where I wanted to be five years ago? Am I good enough? Am I capable of becoming better? What if I stay stagnant? It’s these questions that really haunt me at the end of the day, and I hope they stop soon! 

Speaking of worrying about age, a very special person showed me a video a week ago about life. It’s one of those things that makes you question your choice. Why worry. Why live in the safe zone? Anyway, it was lovely listening to it, and I’d like to share it with you! Hopefully, it helps you even if it’s just for a minute or a lifetime. 

2016 11 01 archive
2016 11 01 archive
2016 11 01 archive
2016 11 01 archive

2016 11 01 archive

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